This project is no longer maintained.


anomey is a small but effective framework and CMS for developing and maintaining web sites. It is dedicated to all web designers who would like to use an flexible and powerful framework with an integrated administration interface to create a web site. Because anomey is built on modules you can easily download extensions and use them on your site.


anomey is extendable by so called “extensions” and “modules”. Extensions are static parts of websites and are attached to the site. Modules are page types and be used in contrast to the extensions multiple times. Modules are much more flexible than extensions and therefore the preferred way to extend anomey.

anomey core

The main element of anomey is a sitemap XML which describes the structure of the web site. Each page in anomey has a type, a class which knows how to handle the data of the page and how to display it. The core of anomey handles every request, analyzes it and passes it then to the requested page. To avoid redundancy of data access and business logic anomey strongly uses the MVC pattern which separates the presentation from the logic.

anomey flow


To make things easier anomey uses other widely spreaded toolkits and frameworks. For example the presentation part of anomey is generated with Smarty, a popular template parser. To process XML anomey itself uses SimpleXML which is a simple and easy to use built in function of PHP.


anomey’s idea of having a simple tool to manage web sites was originally invented in 2003 by Cyril and Fabian. The tool was called MAP and stored its data inside text files. In 2004 we renamed it to anomey and started using xml files. A year later Adrian and Fabian got assigned with the support and development of the web site of their local sport club After the decision to use anomey for the web site Adrian joined the anomey development team and we switched from our own unflexible template sytem to Smarty. Another year later in 2006 the first public beta version of anomey got released under the GPL license.